Bail on as many as you finish…

The DNF. Did. Not. Finish. Do you break up with books if the magic just isn’t happening? Here’s why I think you should.

There are millions of books out there for your reading pleasure. So why should you only feel proud of the books you finish? Maybe the reason many people don’t read is because they aren’t choosing books they like. Bestsellers seem like a logical place to start, however those titles often come with unspoken expectations of satisfaction due to popularity, so when you don’t like that bestseller you now feel like 1) you’ve failed as a reader AND 2) you’re a loser because everyone else liked it so what’s your problem? Here’s the deal, reading should be inspiring not tiring, pleasant not punishing. So don’t force yourself to finish!

You’ve probably heard me say this before: Life is too damn short to read books you don’t like. Permission granted. Walk away. Return it to the library. Donate it. Put it back on your unread shelf…it could be the right fit at another time, sometimes it’s YOU or your mood or place in life at the moment, not the book.

This is entirely different from suggesting that you only read books that are joyful and positive. I firmly believe that reading should challenge you, change you, make you uncomfortable, open your eyes, turn up your empathy dial, and educate.

How do you know when it’s time to close the cover and kiss it goodbye? Here are some good indicators:
1–When you find yourself reaching for your phone to scroll mindlessly through social media, kiss it goodbye.

2–When the laundry pile seems wildly attractive and easily seduces you, kiss it goodbye.

3–When you’re asked what you’re reading and you can’t remember the title or plot line, kiss it goodbye.

4–When you constantly check your page count/percentage until ‘the end,’ kiss it goodbye.

5–When you could care less about the characters’ tragedies/triumphs, kiss it goodbye.

I know you’re wondering, and yes I did issue a DNF stamp on a load of books last year. So many books, so little time. Don’t waste your time on the ones that don’t appeal to you. The liberation is lit. Try it, you’ll like it!

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