Books Are a Lifeline

Many of my favorite childhood moments include books and fostered my love of reading.  My grandmother’s house was a beautiful mess —it always smelled like bacon and coffee with towering piles of books everywhere (plus National Geographic stacks.) She let me read anything I wanted and I treasured those magical afternoons. The cottage we visited in the summer didn’t have a phone or a tv (gasp!)  You can imagine how many books I devoured on the beach and before bedtime. Mom was always in the car shuttling my two sisters and I back and forth between various activities so the front seat usually had a stack of books along for the ride to maximize her downtime. My dad is a library fanatic and I have inherited that gene! As my kids will attest, I often say that my library card makes me feel rich because I can choose armfuls of books and travel on countless journeys between their covers.

Today I still love to surround myself with stacks of books, there’s a pile in every room of my house (in fact, my ‘to be read’ pile has its very own bookcase!) I love the smell of books, the welcoming ambiance of a cozy independent bookstore, and I’m positively giddy when I meet authors. My book group has been meeting for over 20 years, (I just celebrated my 11thanniversary) and is one of my favorite calendar highlights every month. This past March I launched three local monthly book groups. It is my distinct honor to gather these amazing women together to connect and converse about an array of books. They inspire and motivate me and it’s a joy to share my passion for reading and deliver an authentic experience for them.

So you see, I feel compelled to share my reading passion with everyone; my kids, your kids, YOU… it’s contagious!

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